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Chrono Days Sim Date Chrono Days Sim Date

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Once Again You've Outdone Yourself

You make references to your other games: Cole mentions Kingdom Days, Teddy loves Sistehcap from Idol days, etc etc. They're all so cool too (Not into Yuri but Bianca's a good addition for diversity). They're all sad too:
Emmett- A klutz who lost eyesight to retrieve your handkerchief
Cole- Ran away because his parents treated him like he was broken
Bianca- Alone because her "papa" died and is afraid of losing anyone
Nate- Used to being alone as well and it depresses him
Landon - Upset because he loves his brother's "love interest" but is afraid to share it
Roland - Angsty only because he has to save his sister..but is too late
Oz- Scared of being replaced by a better model because he feels inferior
Teddy- Truly loves the main character but is scared of showing it.

Unlock Bianca - Play the damn piano: G,Bflat,A,E,Gsharp,F,G,Dsharp,D,Bflat
Cole- Give Emmett the handkerchief to keep, then in the future on day 10, Cole will be there
Emmett - In the past on day two go to the station and ask for it back eventually. Day 10 return and he'll be there. I think if you unlock him, you can't unlock Cole. Not sure
Oz- Have $ and buy him on your pc. He should be there within maybe a week.

As for what they like:
Oz- Stickers :D
Emmett - Plushie
Landon - Book
Teddy - Sistehcap CD (Can't give it to him though..buggeh)
Cole - Saki Coins
Bianca - Flowers
Roland - Compass
Nathan - Watch

Oh and to date them =
You have to have at least 300 xp and get to a certain point in the dialogue. Leave the area where they are and you'll see a cutscene. If you don't get that scene,
keep talking to the character and leaving until you do. To get the best, finish their dialogue sequence and have at least 500xp with them.

Bianca- Clings to you and begs you not to leave
Oz- Meets a superior Oz and asks you if he's useless
Teddy- Plays the guitar for you
Emmett- Finds a wounded bird and nurses it.
Landon - Accidently knocks you over and reveals his love for you.
Cole - Avoids people his parents sent and tells you the truth about why he's there.
Nate- Reveals his growing attraction.
Roland- Takes you on a flight only to find out his sister has died.

I absolutely LOVE Landon, he's so adorable but I have a soft spot for the main male characters, especially childhood friends like Teddy. Bianca's a nice girl, Cole's a rebel but he's adorable, Emmett's clumsiness is extremely attractive, Nate not being shy rocks, Oz is one of the most loveable robots in existence, and Roland being the typical angsty but softee kinda guy is a good addition. I love it all and this is probably one of my favorite of yours, if not my favorite (even beating
Idol days and Cody :<)

Oh and one final note: On day thirty, you must sleep in the era where the guy you want to end up with is in. If you want for example, Nathan and you sleep in the present, you can't get to him. So to end in the past, sleep in the past. Etc.

Cheers. Hope this helps y'all

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Idol Days Sim Date Idol Days Sim Date

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Game :D

I love your dating Sims! They're so much fun, the guys are cute. and of course, NO HENTAI.

For those who are like "where are Devin and Ace," I'll give you the locations of everyone:
Cody- Movie Theater
Zane- Park
Emerson- Cafe
Ace- Summers mansion after retrieving wallet from the Phonebooth
Devin- Unlocked on day 15, much like Jack from Wonderland Sim Days.

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The Dead Case (Difficult) The Dead Case (Difficult)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It is indeed harder without the hints, but if you've played the easy before, it's all about memorization.

And @WillO2, he was shot in the head according to the picture you find in Greg's house as well as the police record

AN Escape Series #2 AN Escape Series #2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I've played these games a number of times and it always took me so long to get out of there. Finally, I ended at 4:41 seconds without using the walkthrough. I love how challenging they appear but they're not really once you use logic. Nice job

Colour My World Colour My World

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Beautiful =')

It took me a few tries to beat it but I finally beat it on the 4th try. =)
Beautiful. I love these games. Only thing is they can be a bit confusing at first but otherwise well done

-=- Windows Mista -=- -=- Windows Mista -=-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very funny

It's a lot better than my shit Xp that's for sure.

And one question, are all of your author responses just a big smiley face? :P


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Matty2-and-a-half responds:

Always. I'm not too sure why, however... :-D

Love Dating Sim for Girls Love Dating Sim for Girls

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Brings Back Memories

This was the first dating sim that I have ever played, even back in Highschool. I have played almost all of your Dating sims since then (and of course have become a huge fan of yours). I love the fact that you do all of this by hand, and you're a really talented artist. I'm surprised that I never actually reviewed this game but I'm of course, fixing that right now. I just hope you'll include Lisa in something eventually, she seems like an interesting character. It would be cool if you had a massive crossover with Jenna, Sara, Lisa, Ari and Garrett (i always forget how to spell his name). That would be awesome. Anyway I've always loved your work. And for those who have said "this sucks there's no sex," it's not always about jumping somebody. This is about the love side of dating, which you don't really get to see much in a lot of dating sims. So please, if you're going to complain about the lack of sexual activity, go play something else then. She worked hard on this.

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iPod Touch-ish iPod Touch-ish

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice but one question

Those "piano songs" definitely sounded familiar. Were they from the SIMS?

Matty2-and-a-half responds:

Yes. :-D

Home Sheep Home Home Sheep Home

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved it.

Not only were the levels challenging and thought provoking, but the sheep (especially Timmy) were (I say that shamelessly. I love sheep). The only real level I had problems with was 13, but I eventually got it. Anyway, the animation wasn't all high tech, but it didn't need to be. It was very effective and efficient the way it was, and everything about it was just...adorable (again I say this shamelessly). I am even just coming back onto the game to play the first few levels because I want to see the sheep again. :)

Virtual Psychiatrist Virtual Psychiatrist

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It got funny. It eventually got to the point where he asked me to put down my weapon. :P

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